The mission of GulfMark Energy is to enhance shareholder value by providing competitive crude oil marketing and transportation services from petroleum producing companies to the refining community. We believe that the following goals will help to achieve this purpose:

  1. Maintain financial strength to ensure customer confidence.
  2. Put honesty and integrity first.
  3. Develop and maintain an entrepreneurial spirit and promote it throughout the company.
  4. Be creative in problem solving. Think outside of the box.
  5. Strive to constantly improve ourselves and our company.
  6. Observe and follow all accounting standards and procedures to ensure accurate financial reporting.
  7. Compliance with all state and federal regulations is a must.
  8. Prioritize safety.
  9. Maintain a positive mental attitude and be passionate in our daily activities.
  10. Enjoy what you do.
  11. Take extra effort to get the job done right.
  12. Treat each other with respect and dignity to build teamwork and develop excellence.
  13. Work hard, work smarter.